Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Town Shoot Out - Town Plaza

So this week has slipped through my hands rapidly bringing me through with many more ideas than ability to complete them. I have my first 10 images due to my class on Saturday, and this weekend is a MAJOR software release that I have to be involved in, up to 7 scheduled calls including one at 4:30 in the morning. I may have to sleep all day Monday just to avoid getting sick! The really bumming thing is that I thought the release was last weekend, which was particularly quiet. No such luck - this week has been a flurry of activity in preparation, and I am not looking forward to these calls...

So no plaza here in Dublin, CA. There isn't neccessarily one in this town anyway, though there are places where people gather. They are mostly at parks and sporting places, but I do meet up with people I know and may not have seen in a while and it is nice to see friendly faces out and about.

Happy Weekend All!

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Bagman and Butler said...

I'm so glad that someone else failed to post. I was feeling like the only failure. Except I didn't have any good excuses like you did.