Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tableau Tuesday

Found out yesterday that Uncle Steve passed away. He called everyone in his address book over the past 2 weeks, and I don't have any more of the story, and likely won't. I'll scan some photos of him and post them at a later date. I miss his Hungarian ass.
Some shots I took at and around sunrise on Sunday:

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Bagman and Butler said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle Steve. Looking forward to the photos. I'm thinking that if I called everyone in my address book two weeks before passing away, a few of them wouldn't have a clue who I was.

Barry said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. We have an Uncle Steve in our family as well, but he isn't Hungarian.

Enjoyed your photos.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'll be answering your question on tomorrow's edition of Ask Meeko! :)