Monday, April 12, 2010

Music Monday and RIP

While I was on vacation with my family, three notable people passed from this world into the next. I can only imagine the conversation they had at the pearly gates...

Firstly Al Ross, former boxer and the founder of Doggie Diner. I've been talking about Doggie Diner lately having just adopted a dashchund who resmbles the DD mascot, minus the chef's hat and bow tie.

Secondly Dixie Carter, actress and singer. I LOVED her character on Designing Women. She was one fireball of a woman, and will be missed:

Thirdly Meinhardt Raabe, actor and most well known as the Munchkin Coroner in The Wizard of Oz, and as Little Oscar, in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile:

Rest in Peace to all.

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