Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Spring Break Round Up - Part 3

Day 3 found us without a plan, and so we slept in. The Dude looked up some things to do in the area, and we decided on going to the USS Midway. Drove South for about an hour and toured the Midway. the Youngest will never be a Navy man, because being below deck freaked him out. He whinned the whole time about wanting to get out, but loved sitting in all of the cockpits and planes and helicopters. The Oldest actually liked the tour as weel (I thought he'd be bored). Ended up with a late lunch in Old Town San Diego. Once back at the condo, I took The Boys swimming while The Dude napped. We ended up snacking for dinner, and headed home the next morning. Overall a great time spending time together, and my only regret was not spending time at the beach. A beach trip is in order to renew myself, and soon.

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