Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Spring Break Round Up - Part 2

On day 2, we decided to surprise The Boys and got up early to drive the hour to Disneyland. We didn't tell them where we were going, and they figured it out when we got to the freeway exit. We spent 14 hours in the park, and Downtown Disney, had dinner at House of Blues, and watched the fireworks from outside the restaurant. Had to DRAG The Oldest on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones. He cried in every line, working up tears worthy of an Oscar nomination. As soon as we got off of Pirates he wanted to go again. Haunted Mansion, he admited, was not that bad (though he hated the stetching room at the beginning), And he spent Indiana Jones with his head buried between his arms, white knuckling the hand rail, and only looked up on the 3 times I told him that Indy was there. The Youngest loved all of the rides, but did spend Indiana Jones with his eyes closed, a serene smile on his face. He was in his happy place, and made me worry about causing multiple personality disorder. They really loved Toon Town, and the Roger Rabbit ride. They rode together, while The Dude tried to make me barf by spinning the taxi. Oh, and while in line for Indiana Jones, The Oldest read the warning sign about heart and stomach problems, pregnancy, etc., turned to me and we had the the following exchange:
The Oldest (quite concerned): Mom, do I have high blood pressure?
Me: No honey, you are 9, and do not have high blood pressure.
The Oldest: Do you have high blood pressure?
Me: Yes honey, I do.
The Oldest: Well, you can't ride this ride. I'll wait with you.
Me: Honey, I take medicine for my high blood pressure, and I'll be fine on this ride. I've ridden it before, and survived, and you will too.
This was followed by more begging and tears. Finally, The Dude made a deal with him that if The Oldest got off the ride and didn't say he wanted to go again, he would be paid $5.00, AND we would not make him go on another ride all day. As soon as we were off the ride, I asked if he wanted to go again. He shook his head, smiled and held out his hand for the money. Later in the day, another family was in line behind us and trying to talk their son (who looked about 9) into going on Indiana Jones. They asked The Oldest if it was scary. He shook his head no, saw our raised eyebrows, and quickly qualified his answer with, "but I'm not going on it again."
Also, The Youngest was really mad that he wasn't picked for the Jedi training show until we explained that he was an actual Jedi, he already knew all the moves they did, so he wasn't a Paduan, and didn't need the training. After that, he was much happier.

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