Sunday, April 4, 2010

This year's Easter Basket Treasure Hunt

The Easter Bunny once again hid The Boys' baskets and set them on a hunt.  I took these shots with my iphone, so apologies for quality - it was difficult enough to get them to stand still at all!

The clues and answers follow:
1. Welcome to your Easter Basket hunt! The clues are fun, your hunt is true, at the end your baskets are
     waiting for you! Hold on to your seat – the first clue is where Dad grills his meat.

A. The BBQ Gril on the Back Patio
2. If a clue is feeling awful, maybe it would like a waffle.

A. The kitchen freezer
3. It has six strings, and plays a fine tune, on the case of dad’s in the living room.

A. The Dude's guitar case.
4. When you take a bath or go to pee, the next clue is what you’ll see.

A. Inside the bathtub
5. It’s a sign of the season in the dirt out front, your clue if you want.

A. The "Spring" yard sign
6. As high as you can climb, way out back and under the roof there is where you’ll find some proof.

A. Inside the roof of the fort
7. When you run out of juice or milk before of the store, you go here to look for more.

A. Garage fridge
8. Take out the trash, and you may find a clue of a different kind.

A. Outside trashcan
9. Where your Mom lays her head, your final clue can be read.

A. Under my pillow
(and the photo of this was so blurry, it really could have been anywhere)
10. If you are looking for a banjo or some games to play, you know where your baskets have space to stay.

A. Playroom closet
Happy Easter All!


Jeanette said...

Way fun! Our bunny just hides the baskets and eggs but I like the clues idea.

Rebecca said...

What fun!

Laura Lynn said...

You are such an inspiration for fun kid things!!! Our Easter Bunny apparently runs through our house at night at leaves little puffy chicks all over the house - leading up to the baskets!

Marilyn M Lewis-Hampton said...

Hmmmm the EB is a Poet don't cha know it! Well done, especially since he also had to make his way to Boston to disturb a few teenagers who would rather have slept in. He he he...