Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wicked Wednesday #7

After a long reprieve I am returning to regular posting and so another story from this time in my life.
Wicked Wednesdays all began with this post. I'll regale you with another night of drinking that went horribly, horribly wrong. If you are under the age of consent for wherever you live in the universe, take these as cautionary tales. If you are like me and have had your share of poor judgement moments, then we can laugh together. Yes that is a picture of me with a lampshade on my head, doing the shimmy. I will not be posting the names of my cohorts in these wanton ways, but for clarification, will identify them by an initial of their names.

During my first year of college (where the above photo was taken), my two roommates and I were called the Triplets, and we could not be more different from one another - from the short blond with a mean swagger, to the tall read headed Catholic school girl, and the freckly brunette in the middle, we were quite the sight! We did drink heavily all year, from the liquor store that delivered to the dorms... One party in particular is hazily present in my mind. I believe it was Halloween, and we went as 3 blind mice.
Look at the hair and skinny ties - it was the 80's...
One of the colleges had a party - the theater arts college - and there was alot of acid, and Billy Rainbow, and mattresses lining the stairwells, and plastic sheeting, and bubbles, and I drank WAY too much Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers, on top of a rib dinner. I got to the party, after drinking and eating and riding the shuttle, and promptly threw up in the bushes. I laid down nearby and sent the rest of the Triplets on to the party. I passed out, was kicked a couple of times, and threw up a bunch more. When my roomies came back for me, we decided to walk to the base of campus - in the dark, with no street lights, about 5 miles. We had heard of a party off campus that we decided to go to. We never made it. We walked about halfway there, and were egged by a car full of high school students. Drunk, stumbling, and covered in raw egg, we started back to campus. It was late, and thankfully were able to catch the final shuttle to the dorms.

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