Monday, December 5, 2011

Music Monday Weekend wrap up

This was a VERY busy weekend - but then again, when is it not a busy weekend? That would be never.
Before the weekend even started, I'd driven on a field trip and grocery shopped on Wednesday, had lunch with a dear friend, took the school staff holiday photo, went to therapy and yoga, and made cake pops on Thursday.

Friday was The Oldest's 11th Birthday, and in true fashion asked for a Happy Hour Play Date as a party. Earlier that day, I worked in the classroom and led Destination Imagination Instant Challenges after school. So we had 5 of his friends over, a couple of their siblings, and all of their moms. The kids played and ran around and had fun, and the moms sat around, visited and drank. The party started at 4:00, and ended past 10:00. I had too much to drink and slept like the dead...

Saturday- we had to be at a Destination Imagination Instant Challenge Day at 8:45, and I felt pretty rough around the edges. We came home and had lunch, and I had a hair appointment that I thought would be from 2:30 - 3:30, but instead ended up being from 3:00 - 4:30. I had a couple of friends pick up The Boys and meet me at the salon and we all went to the nearby Christmas Parade. We then rode around looking at light displays, and discovered many were not yet up.We were out until about 8:30 and The Boys were obnoxious and fighting the entire time.

Sunday morning The Boys had a bowling birthday party to attend, and I did some Christmas shopping during that time, and stocked up on supplies to make my traditional Christmas gifts - Irish Cream, Hot Cocoa mix and fudge. I also did all of the laundry and figured out WHY the breaker to the house was tripping. I made dinner and cleaned up afterward.

And now for some NSFW Christmas tunes:

Happy Monday all - and here's to a slower paced week - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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