Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Monday Weekend Wrap Up

The closer we get to the holidays, the more untethered I am feeling. Another insanely busy weekend, followed by this last week of school for The Boys and then all three of us have two weeks off.
Friday - a field trip to see Fractured Fairy Tales, performed by the Middle School where the oldest will join Drama next year. Six takes on various fairy tales. The boys' favorite was Peter Pancake and Captain Spork. My favorite was Ditzy Locks and the Three Bears. That was followed by my teaching art, where the 4th and 5th graders were finishing the ceramic sculptures. The Youngest missed out on building gingerbread houses because the people around him were so loud that he missed the last call for that project. He was in tears over missing out, which necessitated a trip to the store so that he could build on this weekend with his father and brother. Because of the missing time at school, I worked fairly late getting some work and some school work done. The dude bought The Boys a movie, though not sure how since he borrowed gas money earlier in the week... He let them stay up way past bedtime, and not surprising, they were all upset by the time they did go to bed. Everyone was melting down and angry, which is no way to end the day. I talked to The Boys and they seemed to sleep ok.

Saturday - The dude bought breakfast for The Boys and I had to reschedule my afternoon photo shoot due to a fever. Spent the morning doing laundry and getting The Oldest to practice his piano and drums. He did manage about 45 minutes each instrument, but still has work to do on the piano piece he is on. The youngest built 2 of the five mini gingerbread houses with his father. After practicing, The Oldest built his two gingerbread houses with his father. Am looking at buying new tires for my car with the photo shoot money from this weekend, and found out new tires are insanely expensive for my vehicle. The dude also bought lunch for The Boys. I think next time I will just put the gas in his truck. The dude went to a Christmas party, and not due back before 4pm Sunday, and I am photographed a corporate Christmas party, so The Boys are spent the night at my folk's house. They went looking at Christmas decorations, and watched "Elf".

Sunday - the Boys were bribed into attending church with my folks, then they got to go to breakfast. I tidied the house and bathed the dogs, and did even more laundry. Shot a holiday card for about an hour and made my holiday fudge. The Boys practiced instruments and played the rest of the day. The Dude had promised to be back by around 5, but still wasn't home when The Boys called him at 6:30, and he said he was going to have a crab dinner, then come home. He called at 8:22 to say he wasn't going to leave where he was for at least another 30 minutes, and tell The Boys good night.

Feeling this today:

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