Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

I need to write. It helps me cope with life and make sense out of the crud floating around in my head.

The week was hectic. I ended up needing to take a night off - I'd been out every night, and just wanted to chill, so Corky and I took Thursday off and stayed home. She made me dinner, because she is really good at taking care of me.

The Youngest was dropped off early, and I had just jumped out of the shower, came downstairs wrapped in a towel, and the ex insisted on having a discussion about how he didn't want The Oldest playing in the pep band at the High School football game because of missing assignments at school. Great start to the day... I had a meeting at the school district office, and taught art in the afternoon. Tiring, but doable. Of course, the ex had to call in the middle of my teaching so that he could tell me that The Oldest now COULD play in the band because the missing assignment was scored a 9 of 10. I sent a text to The Oldest to have him bring his instrument home. I walked in the door after school, and The Oldest wasn't even here yet. The ex called again to say there was another missing assignment and The Oldest was not to play in the band tonight. I said I'd find out what was going on. He called back later to yell at The Oldest, and then argue with me about pep band. I love how I get so much shit when he thinks I may not back up his discipline, but the week of no screen time goes completely unheeded at his house... Put me in a right fucking shit mood for the duration. It is this last minute back and forth bullshit that has always pissed me off, now more than ever. Corky came over, and I am just under so much stress that I burst into tears.
5th grade camp funds due Monday / Pay for the barking complaint / Lawyer fees / CPA fees / Pay for LA band trip / new catalytic converter for my car. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, and that my blood pressure is astronomical...

Started by reminding The Oldest that he lost all screen time until he has a week free of missing, late and incomplete assignments. Got him doing homework, after a heated argument about organizational skills, wherein he maintained he was stupid, and I maintained that he is brilliant. Breakfast and homework over for him, and the battle about homework with The Youngest ensued. I worked with him to figure out the dates when he did his work (it took about 10 minutes), and he was finished. The ex stopped by to drop off the 5th grade camp paperwork after his adamant declaration that he could and would pay the balance due Monday. Evidently, he will not be doing that, so I get to pay the full balance. He also turned in the chaperon paperwork late, and may not get to be one. This will be another disappointment for The Youngest. He is at that tipping point between every disappointment causing him great upset, and the knowledge of who he cannot depend upon. The Oldest went through this at about the same age, and it hurts me to watch. All I can do is talk to him and help him figure out how to deal with it. Laundry and more homework. Dog baths and flea meds all around. I decided to read a book today. It was the perfect distraction in an otherwise overwhelming time of my life. More laundry. Made dinner. Realized laundry isn't dry. grrr. Read more. Finished the book. Wasn't surprised by the major plot twist. Bummed me out a bit that it was that predictable. Decided I need to shoot more photos. Realized I'm shooting a wedding next week, which will likely cost me more than I am charging, because they are friends... oh well. Also, Maria is packing for her vacation to Hawaii, and I realized I'm going to miss her - probably just as much as she will miss me. Thinking about how incredible it is that someone can become so important in your life, and that her being here for me is important, in ways no one else has been able to be. So very important. Also, the boys say she's a keeper. I agree.

Awoke to a text reminding me to write a weekly parent e-mail. Got my butt up and moving, finished the email, did more laundry, had some coffee, and got The Boys and myself ready. Dropped The Boys at my folks' and headed to Maria's. We took off for her sister's house to celebrate her 50th birthday. This is the first I've had the opportunity to meet her family. Two sisters, their husbands, a niece and her husband and nephew and his girlfriend. They live kind of in a country setting which is really nice and lots of land around them. It felt really warm and welcoming and nice and open. Also got to meet her dad, and a couple of his friends and neighbors. It was a very nice day, and they had lots of pictures of my dearest throughout her life, which were fun to look at. Her niece was very sweet, announcing during the cutting of the cake that she likes me and wanted to get that out there. I'm hoping I made a decent impression on them, because I was really pretty nervous on the way out there. I did find out on the way home that one of Corky's ex' is asking around about what people close to her think of me... Not sure how to take that. Oh, and ended up picking up the boys after dinner, which was expected by me, but not Corky who thought she could somehow leave in the middle of her own party. I was worried I'd catch hell from my folks, but they were actually pretty cool about it. I find it interesting that they still have not asked anything about Corky, or anything. Kind of nice to not be under the previous level of scrutiny, but I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...

I hope you all have a fun week!


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