Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend in the books.

The Boys had orthodontist appointments toward the end of the school day, necessitating my signing them out early, and returning to school with The Youngest who was scheduled to sell ice cream after school. Also tie dyed a couple of shirts - the finals hopefully... The afternoon and evening were spent on homework and dinner and an early bed time.

I was up at 3:30 so that The Oldest could eat breakfast and make it to school by 5:00 for the buses to the first (of many I'm sure) Band Review. The Youngest and I followed a bit later and were in time to see the competition and walk with them the rest of the parade. It brought back such awesome memories from my time in band. Of course I took photos and wrecked my already sore hip while running ahead to get a good shot... Photos to follow. Thoughts of Diane, and Steve, and Tina, and Andrea, and Esther, and Mayumi, and Kristi, and Michelle. Also couldn't help but chuckle thinking of The Krasinskis, Mrs. Habestad and the other band parents from my youth and how I am now one of them. The band review was in Santa Cruz, bringing back other memories of college life. We spent the day at the boardwalk, riding rides and having fun. Dinner at Saturn Cafe and my day was complete. the Boys slept on the way home, and I was short on the phone with Corky - I was beat and driving Hwy 17, but I still feel bad.

Spent the day in my jammies. Cleaned house with The Boys' help. They cleaned their room, I cleaned downstairs, and we all cleaned the garage and got the Halloween stuff regrouped. Thought I broke a toe when I dragged the insanely heavy glass and solid wood coffee table across it in an attempt to vacuum. It was ice pack and head between the legs hurt. It doesn't look broken now, but still tender. Thought I was going to have to cut the toe rings off (still might, just in case). Did more laundry and The Oldest finished his homework. I edited wedding photos, hoping to get the proofs out in the next day, before Corky comes home from HI. I also read a bit, as did both Boys. Didn't hear much from Corky and wondering how used to being without each other we are getting as this vacation winds down. I hope it's because she is having fun, but I fear that is not the case. Well to bed early for me,  trying to rest this hip and catch up on the sleep I have missed all week.

May we all have a beauty and peace filled week ahead.

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