Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was seriously busy, so let's get right to it!


The day was spent in Berkeley at Adventure Playground and shoreline. I love this field trip, but did not step foot into the actual playground for the second year in a row. I spend my time with the older kids (in this case, 3rd-5th graders) doing art. We did four 5 minute sketches and a longer work. One of these years, I may be able to bring watercolors, but for now we do colored pencil. The day was foggy to begin, but cleared up toward the afternoon. Got a bit sunburned, and it was a long day, but fun. After school, The Youngest, my BFF and I walked to watch the HS Homecoming Parade. The Oldest marched with the Middle School band, and The Youngest got over his upset from the ride home. After the parade, I picked up The Oldest, and we went home. I showered and The Boys made pizza. The ex didn't come to the parade, and even though it is his weekend, and he asked me to drive The Boys to his house. I did, but I wasn't changing my plans or rushing to do that, and he kept texting me to see where I was, when I was bringing them, etc. Basically being a pain, even though I was doing him a favor... whatever. Spent the rest of the evening with Corky, enjoying each other's company :-)...SaturdaySlept in a tiny bit, and got right to work. Did some photo prep work for a wedding on Sunday, laundry, emptying trash, vacuuming. Took Corky's roommate and recycling to get her cash for HI. Came back and had this for breakfast.>> More laundry, dog poop, cat poop, washed down patio, watered plants, cleaned bathrooms and kitchen and got out the rest of my gear for the wedding. Thoughts around if it will be weird with the ex and his gf there. Wishing Corky could come with me. Drove Corky's dog to the kennel with Corky and her roommate. They were sad to leave the baby. Stopped by a friend's Halloween party, and I felt bad that we weren't in costume. We didn't stay because we really wanted to spend time alone before the upcoming 9 day break Tired each other out and stayed up too late...SundayLeft the house at 7am to drive for 3 hours to the wedding. The drive was fine, and I had coffee and water and toast, plus my tunes to keep me busy. With that much time alone, I did quite a bit of thinking. My stomach flipped a few times while thinking about Corky and how amazing she is, how happy she makes me and how grateful I am to have her in my life. The wedding was really beautiful and the bride and groom are so much in love that it restored my hope for the future. There was tartan and a piper and laughter and happy tears. Having the ex and his gf there was fine. And the ex danced a whole lot more than I ever remember seeing him do so before. He must be happier than he was, and I am glad. I did end up leaving the reception before it ended because I was fading and still had the drive home. My navigational system took me a different way home that ended up giving me a headache (from oncoming headlights). Arrived home a bit after 11pm, visited for a short while with Oma, and went to bed. You will see photos of the wedding as I go through and process them. For now, I am exhausted, I miss Corky, and I have TONS to do before I rest.I hope you all have a relaxing week.

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