Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Wednesday Post for Corky

Corky wakes up in the middle of the night, just about every night. And she reads this blog before going back to sleep. So for you, darling I will give everyone a mid week post today.

Dad is back home and seems to be doing better. I am pretty much finished with Christmas shopping, thanks to Corky staying home with The Boys one evening. It bummed me out a bit because I would have loved to have spent that time with them all, but at the rate I was going, Santa would have visited for New Years, or Twelfth Night... We've been trying to plan Christmas together and what that would look like, but The Boys and I will dine with my folks, and Corky will be at her sister's. Corky has been in a melancholy mood (as I assume she has every holiday for the last 4 years since her mom passed away). I am trying to help her in any way I can, and forging new traditions for her and I, as well as including her on my traditions. My folks made it clear that they would like her to join us on Christmas, but I know her family is just as important to her, as mine is to me. And neither of us would ever ask the other to choose. Family is first. Always.

Today, we are off to a field trip at the California Academy of Sciences with The Youngest. Should be fun and the place is awe inspiring, huge and there is so much to see! Cannot wait, and I may even have photos to share next week (if I can get my act together).

This song has been stuck in my head - thanks Corky ;-)

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Maria Ceremello said...

Thanks for the post and of course I woke up and there was something to read merry xmas to me. Thank you sweetheart