Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Tiring and emotional Weekend. Went into the weekend with a herpes sore on my lip, yeast infection and my period having started... Spent some time crying over various situations.

Thanksgiving in the US. Spent the morning in the hospital visiting my dad who was still hallucinating from the pain meds. Before I headed there, I dropped off some stuff at their house, and saw a single place set for Thanksgiving dinner. It made me exceptionally sad, thinking that my mom would be dining alone. Had a good cry over that while visiting Corky at work. Had dinner at a dear friend's home with his sister, boyfriend, and another friend. The turkey was huge, and the food was delicious. The boys were obnoxious, The Oldest getting in trouble and causing us to leave. Insisted my mom join us, but she was too tired, and explained that she had set the single place as an example for Thanksgiving dinner.

Was woken up at 1:00 am by the dogs needing to go potty. Was able to sleep in slightly, but did get up and got started on laundry. Corky came over and got us all out of the house to mini golf. We went to the place both of us golfed at as kids, and I really do like the atmosphere. It isn't one of the newer, generic places which I appreciate. We had lunch at a place she knows. The food was really good, and fast! The kids were full on half their orders, which is unusual. Came home briefly and headed out to visit my dad in the hospital. They were releasing him and he was still hallucinating. I hope this all resolves because it is jarring and disturbing to have these weird insistent conversations with him that have no basis in reality. Stopped and picked up Chinese food for dinner. This day marked kind of a turning point for The Boys, wherein they are now comfortable enough with Corky that they are acting obnoxious around her. It's the tween boy things - talk about bodily functions, farting and belching openly, chewing with their mouths open. Delightful. I roll my eyes and make them say excuse me, or close their mouths, or whatever. It disgusts Corky. They are just testing out her staying power, seeing if they can disgust her enough to cause her to leave. It hasn't worked, so it will taper off. Despite that, it was a wonderful day, getting my mind off of my stressors. Corky dedicated a song to me, which made me cry. Having someone in my life to support me, nurture me and love me is something I thought I would never happen. I was pretty sure I would be alone forever. I am amazed at how beautiful she is, and how much she loves me. She really does love all of me, the cellulite, the crying, the stress induced rants, and the crazy busy schedule. And that thought makes me cry. I have self esteem issues, and am working on feeling worthy of this unconditional love from my partner. And I am an emotional mess right now, crying as I type this even.

Got up relatively early, continued laundry and got ready for The Oldest's birthday evening with friends. He will be 13 on Monday, and I am not really having an existential crisis about having a teenager. I am plenty old enough to have grandchildren, but had The Boys later in life. I hope that makes me a better parent than a younger me would have been. Dad had to go back to ER with bladder spasms, but was sent back home with the catheter. I'm sure he is seriously unhappy about that. Dinner and the movie was good - I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Thor The Dark World. Late night, and expensive, but worth having The Oldest celebrate.

Woke up to find The Boys starting homework they'd "forgotten" about over break. They managed to finish pretty quickly while I ran some errands. The errands included buying black eye buttons to repair a stuffed animal for The Youngest. What I didn't count on was the insane crowd - 5 deep at the cutting table. So I had to weave through various aisles, which can be dangerous. I ended up with a stocking for Corky, yarn for another project, gloves for the boys and of course, the buttons. Ran into a nice lady who advised me on yarn, and then gave me a 60% off coupon. That put a huge smile on my face while I finished my errands. Then heard a Christmas song on my way home, and it made me feel really good and happy and smiley. I was really looking forward to the holiday, which hasn't happened for a few years. Corky got off work and joined us at my Sister's for The Oldest's family birthday dinner. The request was for lasagna, which Sis made for him, I brought Mary Bread and stuff for a make your own sundae bar. Sis made a delicious veggie lasagna, which is way better than mine. My folks didn't attend, with my Dad's health problems, but The Oldest was okay with that. Sis and Nephews set up their slot car set on the living room floor.The Oldest enjoyed himself with that, while The Youngest conducted a Nerf war with his cousins. It was a nice visit and Corky fit in nicely with my family :-). Came home and continued knitting on some Christmas gifts.

I hope you all have a terrific week!

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