Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Week Long Wrap Up

Busy week. Starting the wrap up with Thursday. My wrap up, my rules.

Had minor surgery to aid in not having my period for half of the time. It has been getting worse since June. It was fast, and relatively painless, but had severe cramping when I got home a few hours later. 1000 mg of ibuprofen and a nap later and I was still groggy, but not in as much pain. Corky came with me at the ungodly hour of 6:30 (though to be fair, that is kind of sleeping in for her). She stayed with me and drove me home, and took exceptional care of me while I recovered. She kept me bundled up and warm and fed.

Corky stayed to make sure I was okay, and to cater to all of my whims, which included watching movies and cartoons, and banana macadamia nut pancakes. I am lucky to have found her. Really very lucky. Late lunch / early dinner with Corky and her roommate. Got a call to pick up the boys and keep them overnight, which I was glad to do. I love having The Boys at home, and I truly miss them when they are not here. I completed one knitted Christmas gift for The Youngest - that pair of finger-less gloves he's been asking for the last two years. Now onto a hat for Corky and another pair of gloves for The Oldest.

The Youngest had an Instant Challenge day for DI at 8:30 in the morning. The team had fun and I enjoyed getting out of the house, though my cramps worsen when I do too much. Made a deal with The Boys that we would Christmas tree shop if they cleaned their room. They spent the next several hours building forts, playing and then cleaning their room. We scooted over to the nearest tree lot, and were met by Corky and her roommate. We all got trees and I dropped one off at Corky's. When we got home, the ex was waiting for us. The Boys helped unload the car and set up the tree and left for the rest of the weekend. I was feeling lonely and bleh for a while, and then decided to take another trip to JoAnn's for knitting needles. Ended up with more that I hadn't planned on, but another gift for Corky. Knit the rest of the night, and in a much better mood.

Woke up without cramps (Yay!) and in a good mood and rested. The day could only be good, right? While still in bed, thoughts hit me about marriage. I know Corky is moving in that direction (slowly, people. Glacier slow), and I have a block around the subject. I think I may have had an insight as to why. I love Corky and I want to spend my life with her. I am still ending my 20+ year marriage, and I think that much time in a declining partnership has soured my take on marriage. My marriage is how I define marriage. It is what I think of when I hear the word. I haven't turned the corner to marriage meaning hope and the future and beauty and love. I still see marriage as being stuck in a relationship you are not happy being in. Thankfully, I am spending my life with Corky, and not turning back, and I need to be done with the old life I led. The finalization of the divorce will be a step on that journey. Corky knows that everything is about timing. She is patient and is truly helping me get to the corner. I'll let you know once I am there. She'll be the first to know though. Spent the day doing laundry and knitting, and editing, and photo stuff while Corky worked and attended her Dad's birthday brunch. We shopped for groceries and Christmas presents, and had dinner together. The Boys joined us for dessert, we came home and everyone went to bed.

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