Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up - There was a Birthday involved

Busy weekend, full of activity

The Youngest arrived at 7:30a having barfed twice already. He spent the first 20 minutes barfing and dry heaving. I called him in sick at school, and set him up on the couch where he spent the day dozing on and off, sipping water and nibbling on toast. By the time he went to bed he was still a bit tired, but feeling better. I worked all day, and fielded questions from my friends on whether the birthday party would still happen. I held off on that call to see how he did in the morning. Also, had my BFF go behind my back to invite one of The Oldest's friends to her house on a night she was supposed to be here with The Boys and the bff's son - now that I'm pissed off about this and the last interaction with her son, I'm saying bff instead of BFF. She could have said she didn't want her son here, or whatever, but I think it was a play to get closer to the other mom and dad. whatev.

The Youngest completely recovered and we got ready for the epic Nerf War of 2014. Twelve kids, 24+ Nerf guns, 300 Nerf darts and 4 hours in the park. The Boys organized the whole thing, the weather cooperated at 73 degrees, and I supplied food, drinks and darts. Corky came to help at the beginning before work, and another friend stopped by, monopolizing our time, and annoying us a bit. Corky left in a mood from that and from feeling left out when the parents came to drop their kids off. I still need to be thoughtful when dealing with acquaintances who have all met her, but I didn't include her in the conversations... The kids had a blast. They didn't want to stop to eat, have cake or open presents, which kind of pissed off The Birthday Boy. We stopped to spend the gift cards on the way home on.... Nerf. At home, I cleaned the garage / man cave and made room for stacking boxes that I have and will be packing. I left The Boys at home and went to a girls night out to celebrate my dear friend who recently moved, and into whose house we will be moving. That was fun - just to be out again. Corky and I have been staying in to save $$ for Disneyland and the move. Home and early bed time for me.

Slept in and felt really good. Wished The Youngest Happy Birthday via The Beatles, had chocolate bread pudding for breakfast, and got to work on the backyard with The Boys. We picked up all of the leaves, trimmed the roses, and took down the trellis. Felt really great to sweat a little and get something done while the weather is good. I was thinking of packing, but can do that even in rain later this week. We needed to clean up the yard. The Boys were a huge help, and it makes me glad that they are getting older. I only opened one gash on my calve, and we found our best working situation, which was me not using the clippers, but the lopper, while one kid help open the bag and the other picked up what I was cutting. Got a shower, took some ibuprofen and headed out to spend more of the gift cards with The Youngest. He ended up buying a gift for his brother, who was so happy about it. Corky came over and we headed to my folks' for family birthday dinner. There was another Nerf war with the cousins, which ended with The Oldest in tears (just like every year). There was Mexican Train Dominoes, and laughter, and a go around the table with each of us saying what we love about The Youngest while he sat and giggled. I love that kid.

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Patty said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, except for the barfing. Ha! Glad he recovered.

On the flip side of barfing,you make me hungry with your talk of chocolate bread pudding. I have not had that since we found it, by accident, in a Virginia seaside restaurant. It was the chef's specialty dessert. It was huge and came topped with warm rum sauce. If we were still in Maryland, I might be thinking about taking that 45 minute trip to the restaurant.