Monday, March 24, 2014


Monday Monday can't trust that day

Ever had one of those days when all you want to do is go back to bed and cry yourself to sleep - that was my day today. Nothing particularly bad happened today. It was by all accounts a fairly average Monday. No kids wanted to go to school. There were some tears. I could have kept that kid home today, but he was not going to be productive here, and neither was I. He'd not slept very well, and was in my bed from 2am onward, making neither of us sleep well at all. This morning's tears were not manufactured, but rather born of lack of sleep and fear of punishment from teachers. I had to make two morning trips to the elementary school because of a forgotten book, and one trip to drive a friend home sick from high school. Corky lovingly brought me lunch, which was great, but I was pretty tired and worn out already by then. The afternoon wasn't much better. two trips to the elementary school because that kid had to stay late to complete work. While I was waiting unessesarily the first time, UPS tried to deliver my camera replacement - for the second time. I am shooting tomorrow night and need to charge the battery before then. I can't pick it up before 11:30, so that is when I will be there. The Oldest called from middle school three times trying to get out of math homework club. The first story was he has no homework, but when I said I'd be checking the homework site, he decided to stay. The second was to say he finished that already (5 minutes), and didn't have missing assignments. The third was to tell me he didn't know what the missing assignemtns were. I helpfully read them off to him, reminded him to check his folder, as I know he did at lease two of those while in my presence. Corky works closing today and open tomorrow, which means I won't see her until after work tomorrow and I miss her. The aamount of stuff I have to do in a short amount of time is weighing me down.

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