Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A busy weekend where I didn't get everything accomplished I wished, but it was about twice as much as I did complete so...

Had a meeting in the morning at the school district offices, followed by teaching art in the afternoon. The kids were finishing their ceramics and sugar eggs for Easter, so I was able to relax a little. I helped kids with their eggs, and made one for Corky. Spent the rest of the afternoon working, and completed additional requested portrait edits. The Boys were here after school until about 6p. Corky and I went to Chinese for dinner and came home early because she had to open on Saturday.

Woke up early to iron Jazz Band clothes for The Oldest and take them to his school. I also brought a t-shirt and socks for Disneyland, and an extra for Saturday, just in case. Of course he needed them... Headed to the parade route and continued knitting while I waited for it to start. Walked with the band as they marched in the St. Patrick's parade. Headed home and asked my knitting mentor to come over and show me how to turn a heel. I spent the rest of the day and evening finishing both baby booties for Sunday's baby shower.

Slept in a bit which is exactly what I needed. Photographed the finished knitting, and wrote the pattern for the booties. Did another set of edits, and got a shower in before heading to Cory's niece's baby shower. It was fun and I got to meet many of her family and close friends from her childhood. The shower was really well done, the food delicious, and the decor and games were cute. Found out her niece is also on Ravelry and she showed me some really awesome knits she'd done for the baby and sweaters, a dress, and a skirt for herself. She does some really exceptional work. I may have to tackle a sweater soon. Stopped for dinner on the way home, and The Boys came back around 7:00. Early bed time for me after a day in the sun.

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