Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Here we are mere days away from moving house. I didn't have The Boys this weekend, and my plans were to pack up everything I was not going to need in the next two weeks.

Worked in the classroom in the afternoon. The 4th and 5th graders worked on charcoal still life, and the 5th graders (after being with me for nearly two years for art), are doing especially great work. After school I did some work at home and then met up with a friend to walk around the middle school track for the purpose of raising money for Kanzius cancer research. One of the middle school students recently passed away from cancer and the students came up with this as a way to take action in a situation where they feel out of control. It was a good walk and a great visit with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. After the walk, I went to Corky's for dinner. I feel like I hadn't seen her for a really long time. We'd seen each other for a short time every day, but hadn't been able to spend any significant time together. It was very nice to just be with her. I left early so that she could get enough sleep for work in the morning. I came home and watched TV while the dogs wound down. I ended up in bed early for me.

Slept in for a bit, had a decent breakfast and packed up all of the video games and movies. Pulled everything off of my bedroom walls and patched all of the nail holes. Also moved boxes from upstairs down to the garage. Worked on a wedding book and the shirts for the medieval fair for The Oldest. Took a shower, and headed to Corky's for dinner, cuddle time and a sleep over. Spent all night with her and it was so nice.

Slept in and Corky made me a delicious breakfast. We got our act together and headed to my place to tie dye our matching shirts for when we are in Disneyland. They turned out amazing for the first stage. One more stage should finish them. But have to wait until it is sunny again (Monday). We then went shopping for some summer clothes for us and The Boys. Late lunch and to Corky's Pop's to check on him. Back home to wait for The Boys and then dinner. It was a great day and a half together. I really do love this woman. She makes me feel beautiful and amazing. I treasure spending time with her just doing normal every day things. Being able to go shopping and sitting around watching TV and eating everyday meals. We don't spend that kind of time together, and when we do I really enjoy it.

Hope you all have a terrific week!

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