Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

So here we are, following another Mardi Gras weekend spent in Nevada City with some of my long time friends. The past two years were sketchy at best due to fall out from my dissolving marriage, and as such I'd been a bit wary of last week, just waiting for something potentially upsetting to crop up. However, last week bore good news, and no weird crap, and this was the first year to bring Corky with me, so she could see and experience a beautifully quaint little town and all of my Parrothead friends. Well, not all as many have scattered across the globe, but the ones who remain nearby, and who also weren't traveling...

Shifting plans due to rain and we left town about 3pm. Took 3.5 hours to arrive in Nevada City, and it was already dark and still raining. We checked in and wandered down to the home of my dear friends, to find the place deserted. Knowing their likely location, we headed into town and they were exactly where I expected, along with two other couples. We joined them all for drinks and dinner (delicious as I knew it would be). After dinner we headed back and crashed.

Got up and to town fairly early and got right in for breakfast at one of my favorites. The food was amazing, and filling. Corky loved it, and I loved introducing her to a new place. We wandered the town, shopping and looking around in the rain. Picked up a couple of souvenirs for The Boys, and headed back to my friends' to help decorate for the big party. They were expecting 80 people, and I think about 60 were actually in attendance. There was jambalaya, gumbo and crawfish etouffee. Downstairs, a stage with two guitar and a harmonica player entertained, with the shrimp and drinks and appetizers. Desserts of bread pudding, fudge, pralines, and king cake were upstairs, along with muffuletta hors d'oeuvres. Corky was thrown into meeting and talking to all of the people I know who were there, and they all welcomed her with open arms. My friends are awesome. They already love her, and she can't wait to see them again. We left the party relatively early, as we were sandwiched in between other rooms of parrotheads, and didn't want to disturb them with our late night activity.

4:45am had me on my way to the bathroom and when I turned on the light, the power surged, and then went out. Thought I'd blown something, but everywhere outside was dark. Went back to sleep and later found out a tree fell across the power lines, blowing a transformer. Went to breakfast at the same place, and ate different things - still awesome. Forgot to buy myself the t-shirt (have to make that another trip). Wandered downtown some more while the street vendors sat in the rain and people staked a claim for the parade route. There were very few people waiting for the parade, so we decided to head home early, anticipating the drive would be horrid. It was, but at least it was daylight the entire way, and only one small section of torrential downpour. Dinner on the way home, and picked up The Boys.

Overall a calm, relaxing and happy weekend, and I will miss having Corky to cuddle up to at night. She comforts me when I'm sleeping. She is beautiful and amazing, and I feel like the most loved and luckiest woman in the world to travel this life side by side with such an adorable woman.

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