Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Changes are coming to my life, and the lives of The Boys. The feeling is bittersweet. A family we have grown close to is moving out of our neck of the woods, and on to more adventures. Their oldest is considered by The Youngest to be his best friend. The mom, and my friend is dear to me, and inspiring, and I really am going to have a difficult time not seeing her regularly. She was a point of normalcy as my world was spinning out of control, and she helped me through so much of my time struggling to be who I am. She is one of the most giving and loving and supportive and positive people I know, and I know she will absolutely spread that love and cheer wherever she goes, I'm just sad she won't be shinning near me.

With this sadness and loss, comes a good change for me and The Boys, for we will be moving to the house they are vacating. I am beyond happy to have this opportunity, and am so looking forward to more bedrooms, and a yard again. The Boys can stop sharing a room, and I feel like I can breathe again. I am so very grateful for the people who have helped take care of me and nurture me over these past two years of heavy transition. I only hope they all know how important they all are in my life.

Thank-you to my landlord, a caring man who was more than willing to help me out of my jam, living where I had been. My sister, who kicked my ass, and made me take responsibility for my shit, and then told our parents on me. She made me better at a time when I was completely on the floor. My dear friend, C, who is moving, who told me I was an inspiration when I surely didn't feel like it at all. For inspiring me and bringing along all of your awesomely crazy friends, who I now consider mine as well. I know you are a part of my family. My friend, T, who lost her husband, and who asked if I'd made the change we all knew I needed to make, but she was the one to voice it first. For my BFF without whom, I might have actually lost my mind. I only hope I can return the favor. For M & E who have been here all along, willing to kick my ass and lend an ear and a car in which to move my shit.

And to you, Corky. For coming into my life and making me see just how wonderful it all is, and how loving and being loved can make it all worth the wait.

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