Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Morning At Drop Off

This morning, in order of appearance:
Not one, but two cars in the red zone in front of the school, one of which was blocking the driveway.
Today I pulled through the drop off loop, and so:
Three separate people deciding they didn't want to wait to get to the drop off zone, and dropped their kids in the parking lot, making the rest of us wait before we could get to the drop off zone.
A line of cars waiting for the drop off zone, not pulling all the way forward, also making the rest of the cars wait that much longer.
Someone pulling into the bus drop off zone for the special day kids' bus. Thankfully there was not a bus waiting.
Someone pulling out of the teacher lot, not looking for cross traffic, and cutting off another person, who was approaching from the right (giving that person the right of way).
Same car, also pulled out of the parking lot to the street turning left, when there is no left turn during drop off and pick up hours.
Two separate sets of moms and kids walking up the severely narrow driveway, with cars parked on the side, and cars driving in and out. On the best and sunniest days, this is a dangerous practice.
A u-turn in the intersection of a three way stop.

Given that it is raining, but still. Can we please take care in driving around the elementary schools, and understand that the safety of all of the children is our own responsibility.

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