Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Town Shoot Out - Entrances

I have been in a self imposed break from photography, as I am currently working two wedding books, along with trying desperately to knit 11 balaclavas for a party in a month. I gave up on the balaclavas, but still have two baby hats to go...

I pulled this from the archives of 2009. This doorway is still in my old neighborhood, damned near across the street from Corky, and I'm almost certain leading to a rental or in-law unit.

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Jama said...

I love how the shadow fall on the gate, like a pattern!

Peggy Jones said...

J9 I am so sorry I missed your post. I did not post spotlights til Monday morning, so I did not see yours in time. That is a great shot. Unique and love the shadow.