Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Eventful is the word I am choosing to describe this weekend.

Took a day off of work to spend with Corky. After dropping The Youngest at school, we headed to Capitola for breakfast at Gayles, which is a favorite of hers, and I'd never been to. It was delicious, and amazing. We went to the waterfront and had a walk on the river bank and around town, where we found a shop that smells like Hawaii. We headed to Santa Cruz for lunch at Saturn Cafe - a mutual favorite, and walked the Boardwalk, beach and wharf. It was a beautiful day, warm and magical. We had dinner on the way home at a favorite Mexican place of Corky's, and ended the day home at 9;30. Tired and happy, and me still battling a cough that started early in the week.

Woke up fairly early to work the Destination Imagination regional tournament where The Youngest was competing in improv. Went out to load up my car, to discover that it had been broken into overnight. Gone is my camera, and my purse, and an iPhone. Some damage was done to the car, and Because I have no credit cards, but they did have my checkbook, and health cards, and insurance cards, and library cards, and checkbook. I have to deal with all of that, and replacing stuff, and my insurance company. Bummer start to the day. Corky rushed over to make sure I was okay, and of course I cried because, well duh. Also started my period and developed a yeast infection - all before 10am. Delightful. Worked the tournament, after arriving significantly later than anticipated, putting the score room behind schedule. We ended up catching up for the most part, but the morning was pretty harried. The Youngest's team did not advance to the State tournament, but they had a ton of fun. Came home and went to bed early, sleeping nearly 12 hours.

Lazy morning snuggling with the cat. Spent a bit of time with Corky, then cleaned and did laundry for a few hours. Met with a client to shoot her birthday portrait (with a borrowed camera), came home and made dinner and got The Oldest to complete the homework due Tuesday. The Boys have today off of school to observe Presidents Day. I do not.

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