Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A weekend where I came to some conclusions, and my stress level evened out (a bit). This weekend the ex had The Boys, and The Oldest has strep, so of course, I got to hear about all the missing assignments, and the fact that The Oldest cannot swallow a pill. I know grown adults who cannot swallow pills, so I don't see a big deal. It isn't a battle I am picking, but the ex evidently is far to inconvenienced by this that there was a yelling match and The Oldest ended up in tears. Thanksfully, the gf of the ex interceded on The Oldest's behalf, and they figured out a workable alternative for him, that the ex was likely still not happy about, but too fucking bad.

Worked with the 4th and 5th graders on a colored chalk still life. They are really looking good, and some of what I teach them about art techniques is sinking in. Spent the night at Corky's, and I was exhausted and ended up sleeping in.

What followed sleep and preceeded breakfast can only be described as my complete conversion to a) loving a woman and b) morning sex... I was so in the clouds the entire rest of the day. Corky worked closing, and I finished adding the photos to the October wedding book. I knit like a mad woman, finally finishing the one balaclava I'd been working on for a week. At that rate, it will be months before I have enough to supply The Youngest's birthday party... I took a break from knitting to read a book I'd borrowed about a month ago. Fantasy and really detailed, so it took me longer than I expected. I read well into the morning, and went to sleep with it still partially unread.

Slept in again, this time at my own home and spent the morning finishing laundry, and working on the quotes for the wedding book. I was able to talk to Diane's parent's and have a great visit with them. Gathered more knitting and food and headed to Corky's to "watch" the superbowl. I spent the game time knitting, taking breaks to watch the commercials. I enjoyed hanging out there, and got a portion of a baby hat completed. Came home when The Boys arrived, go them to bed and finished the book I'd started Saturday. Had a really weird and sad dream where I felt like I needed to break up with Corky because of my fear that I cannot give her what she wants. I'm not ready to make that level of committment, and I'm not sure she's doing herself any favors by waiting for me to get there... Fodder for therapy this week for sure.

Still stressed out about money, have this week to order those balaclavas I won't be knitting, sign up The Boys for swim team, and likely pay for that, and order nerf bullets in bulk... Also, rent.

I hope to have a more relaxing week, but not likely. May you enjoy your week.

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