Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dreams realized?

I've had a couple of mornings with really weird dreams which reminded me of this post from nearly five years ago.

Interestingly, a photo today triggered the memory, and made me start to think about Corky and how eerily similar she looks to Rachel, as well as having grown up in the same nearby city. It is almost as if the universe heard me and delivered to me the girlfriend I not only had no clue I wanted, but the exact person I need.

From TRMS site:

Corky in a rare photo sans glasses:

Ok, looking at these, maybe they aren't exactly twins... However, I find Corky beautiful and amazing and thoughtful and loving and fetching and everything I need in my life. She tells me to breathe when I am stressed out and loves me like I haven't been loved before. She has turned me into a lover of many things I hadn't previously enjoyed. I get lost in her brown eyes and never tire of her smile and laugh, or the way she looks at me first thing in the morning.

I love Rachel from afar for the excellent job she does, but I love Corky for being mine and all of the ways she loves me back.

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