Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dreams part 2

So my dream this morning was about Rachel Maddow (if you didn't recognize her from her picture in the last post). Here is another picture:

I like Rachel, as I have previously stated. I think she is fiercely intelligent and funny in a dorky kind of way. She isn't necessarily my type (if I have one at all at this point). OK fine, enough delay - on to the dream.

I was working at the MSNBC studios, in a largish conference room type office. There were a couple of desks, a round table, a sofa and a television, on one of those AV carts. The TV was on some sort of cartoon show, but I wasn't paying attention, as I was working at a desk and concentrating on my task, which as near as I can remember was something on the computer in front of me. Rachel was sitting on the sofa, Kind of behind me and to the right, and working as well. She commented on the cartoon that was on, and I said of the current shows, I only like Phineas and Ferb. She said she prefers The Dark Knight or comic books. I said that I had read Watchmen when it was first published and was looking forward to the movie (both actually true). And I didn't watch The Dark Knight, though I also enjoyed it as a comic book back in the 80's. That started our conversation, and we were flirting with each other the whole time. At some point I said that I mostly don't watch The Dark Knight, or any of the newer cartoons in that style because it frightens my kids, one of whom loves Batman, Superman and all the old school stuff. She seemed taken aback with the news that I had kids and seemed to shut down a bit. I told her I wasn't looking for her to be their Daddy (thanks to Bea and the crustybastard for putting that into my subconscious). They already have a Daddy. That led to discussion on me being married, and her having a partner. She asked exactly what I was hoping for from our discussion, which I thought was a bit presumptuous and direct. I replied that I was just having a conversation, and I thought it would be cool to hang out with her sometime.

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