Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Friday #6

Today's photo's were all taken while walking in my neighborhood and downtown earlier this week.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Oh, and I am now at the Mardi Gras Central Party location. If tonight is any indication, this will be a debauchery filled weekend indeed! Right now, the other party attendees are testing to see if the hookah in the living room actually works, or is just decoration. Me? I'm 2 Absolut Mandarin Bay Breezes and one Bailey's coffee into the night. Feeling good, and not yet waxing philosophical. Had good lunch and dinner with good friends! See you all for Sunday Stills!


Coachdad said...

Loved the heart-shaped rock. Too cool!

Pugs said...

I love how and what an artist sees. Thanks for showing us. Loved that first picture!

Iasa said...

Great pictures J9. I especially like the birds. Looking forward to Sunday's batch.

J9 said...

Thanks Coachdad, Pugs and Iasa! I'm still at Mardi Gras - Parade today, but posting the Sunday Stills now before the real drinking begins.