Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a blur of happy activity. Got to see some old friends and visit and party with them in Nevada City, CA where there is an annual Mardi Gras Party. You can read the history of it here.

And a few select Photos of the festivities:

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Friday and Saturday gave us beautiful weather, and it rained pretty much all of Sunday, including during the parade. That didn't dissuade many of the die hard bead whores from showing up! It did however hamper disrobing as an option.

Of course, as we were exiting the freeway only about a half mile from home the right rear wheel froze up. We skidded to a stop, and heard loud clunking. Upon investigation, it was determined that I could drive in reverse, but forward was not a viable option. Because Ron certainly didn't believe me, he had to get behind the wheel, put it in drive and punch it, only to puncture the wheel. So the car now has a spare on it, and a new rim on order. Come to find out, one of the brake caliper bolts came loose and caused the wheel to seize. It was certainly an exciting and expensive ending to the weekend! AND this exact thing has happened before - on that exact same wheel. Glad I didn't buy four new expensive rims when it happened last time!

And, Laissez Lez Bon Temps Roulez!!!


Barry said...

Its a shame the way it ended. But it sure looks like everyone had a great time before that.

Coachdad said...

Gota agree with Barry great weekend except the car issue. I love Mardi Gras and always say that one day I will go there in person.

Paula said...

Looks like a great party. Laughing it up with friends is always in order. Sorry it had to end with car problems! DANG IT!!

CalSurf59 said...

Holy Shit, J9! Given the summer trip outcome, you musta been breathing into a paper bag!

Glad everyone had a good time and the ending wasn't anything major!

Ed said...

Looked like a fun time, bummer about the tire. But cie la vie... :-)