Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just stuff

So the past two days have been difficult at work. Yesterday, I met with 4 of my team to tell them that they no longer have jobs. I also met with my boss so that he could tell me the same thing. We all knew it was coming, but it was still emotionally draining. I feel horrible for my people, and have no clue what I am going to do either.

I found the cartoon here. there are a couple I laughed at as well, worth checking out. Oh, and my company only recently came out with a social networking/blog code of conduct that all employees have to follow, and all of our stuff has to be compliant by 3/31. If I don't find an internal job, my last day will be 4/3. Somehow, not terribly motivated at this point in time.

On a better note, I had an interview this morning and it went pretty well. I'll know tomorrow if I got it or not.

Frugality update: Sis sent me some cool and cheap recipes, which I will try, and share here as I go along. We all had left overs for dinner tonight, and I packed my lunch today. Didn't spend any money at all except on paying bills (which was plenty).

I've been sucked into facebook, and understand why people call it crackbook, it can be addicting! I'm trying to join more photography groups and competitions, and see if I can get my name out there more, and maybe sell some stuff.


tangobaby said...

I hope that interview works out for you. (the cartoon was very cute.)

Are you on flickr yet? Let me know.

J9 said...

The interview did not result in a new job, but it was a good experience. I am on flickr here:

tangobaby said...

I'm sorry about the job but I did just make you my contact in flickr!