Friday, February 27, 2009

That's IT! I'm on a rant

Today I need to rant - get it all out if you will. I started this blog as a way to journal all the crap in my head, which ultimately allows me to sleep well at night. I've been editing myself lately due to the addition of readers from RL. I'm tired of editing myself, and I'm losing sleep, so I'm going back to my original intent.

My two normally adorable children (note that I did not type adorably normal) have decided to wake at increasingly earlier times this week. Well, one by choice, the other by voice. Older boy woke up at 7ish Monday and Tuesday, 6:45 Wednesday, 6:30 Thursday, and 6:00 this morning. He then proceeded to wake younger boy, who was peacefully sleeping just fine. This would not be a problem in what I would like to think would be a normal family. For my boys it spells disaster. The younger boy is no morning person, and on a good day uses grunts to answer questions. He is the child who will be downing coffee every day before heading off to middle school, I'm sure of it! The older boy is a cheerful kid first thing in the morning, wanting to share the new day with everyone within earshot. Today it was decided that his volume and personality leads to any sane person's conclusion that he is the reincarnation of Ethel Merman.

Garland, Streisand & Merman - SHOW BUSINESS - 1963
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I adore my boys, but they really do take the cake sometimes. The younger one's grunts became full out growls by this morning, which I found out translated to the classroom. His Kindy teacher asked if he was getting sick, as he'd been loudly complaining that everything was either stupid or boring for the last 2 days. When I told her the reason was really sleep deprivation, she stopped older boy and told him to NEVER again wake his little brother up early in the morning. If he was up, that was fine, and he could just get out of bed and read a book or something. I don't think he took her seriously, but I had to thank her for trying!

The tyrants had a playdate with their best friend following their school day, and the three of them were like the stooges, it was all slapstick and pratfalls. Thankfully the little angels fell asleep before 8:00 crashed out on the sofa watching Dirty Jobs.

In my surfing around the net today I stumbled across some pretty funny and cool things:

Stuff White People Like is hysterically funny, and just a bit too true!

Fingerstache is just wrong on so many levels. Disturbing in it's weirdness but completely harmless.

I've decided to take the 40 day Love Dare. I found it here, and I'm nearly a week behind, but I figure it couldn't hurt, right?


CalSurf59 said...

No Reason To Edit On My Account. *LMAO*

J9 said...

CalSurf59 - if my IRL friends start turning into stalkers, I'll just move my personal rants to a different place!

Pugs said...

Your boys sound like mine. Hank, the oldest, is the morning person and he doesn't understand why everyone else isn't. Joe, is not fully functional til at least 10:00 a.m. at the earliest. And Joe is a night owl. We've had some whopper-sized fights when one wakes the other. Good luck!

J9 said...

Thansk Pugs, I look so forward to the future fights! Luckily, the youngest is still little enough that he goes to bed early, and needs lots of sleep!

Iasa said...

HaHa Really I'm not laughing at you, it's hysterical sleep deprived laughter. I have one very early morning child, who just this morning came rushing in my room at 5:30 to demand breakfast before it was too late. *Gumble*

I have sent my boys to bed every weekend, holiday and summer night for the last 10 years with the same words "I love you, don't wake me in the morning' Of course they wake me every morning.

J9 said...


I finally put a clock in their room and told them not to come out until 7:00. Of course, I also had to put a lock on the TV so that it cannot be turned on until 7:00. And now they just stay in their room and be loud!

Oz Girl said...

Oh I will have to follow your blog, how funny your stories about your boys! :) Mine is 27, all grown up and married, but he is still full of pranks - boys will be boys! Although I DO have a problem with my "girls" (dogs) pushing back the clock each morning...