Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Bees?

Seriously, I think I need to re-examine my relationship to bees. Yesterday, I ran across this post, and today my oldest read this book. Both have bees or bee related items. To top it off, I've been drinking tea with honey for the past 2 nights because I've developed a chest cold, and I think the bees are winning, or at least deserve additional attention. I feel like this is another synchronous event that I need to pay attention to, so I am.

By the way, my dear friends in facebook think it's hysterically funny that I have a chest cold, or maybe they are reading it backward as cold chest. I've even been asked if I've been running around outside naked again...

Which I haven't in a really long time. Not since the Key West Police Department started giving t-shirts to women who were less clothed at Fantasy Fest. Sure, I've flashed for beads a few times, and I like my boobs, I think they are rather nice, in a pale freckly kind of way. But I reserve the pleasure of seeing them for my family. Yes, my sons regularly see me in a state of undress. I don't want them having any weird thoughts about naked bodies. My husband disagrees. He doesn't like seeing naked people, unless it's women who get paid to get naked, and even then only occasionally, and he certainly doesn't want any naked butts on his furniture. I think it's a weird hang up of his. I do draw the line at leaving the window shades open (lest you who know where I live get any bright ideas), answering the door, and working from home in the buff. I think it would be inherently odd to be talking to a VP of any company while naked.

Of course those are my hang-ups, and I completely support those who have a more or less strict view of nudity. It takes all kinds of people to make this world, and I don't begrudge anyone who can make it work for them.

Wow, this rambling post brought to you by the fine makers of Tylenol Cold night time formula...
Maybe Naked Jen has a good tea to get me back to normal. I have to remember to contact her in the morning, when I'm not in a rambling stupor.


Iasa said...

I have my own nudity issues, I don't like to be naked around people I'm attracted to. I have this overwhelming fear they are gonna scream in terror I guess. I'm okay as long as I can delude myself into thinking, they can't see me well cuz it's too dark, or they are *ahem* otherwise distracted.

Hope you are feeling better.

Barry said...

While I'm very conventional about wearing clothes, it has always struck me as odd that we make such a fetish out of covering our bodies. I can't think of another animal that does this.

I did have a strange encounter with nudity recently. My wife was taking a life drawing class and I went to pick her up on the last day of the course when they were having a celebration. As I walk in I noticed that one woman had black nail polish on her toes.

It was only after I caught my self staring at her toes that I suddenly realized she was completely naked. She was the model and and as comfortable in the nude as everyone else was fully clothed.

I told my wife later than I much be getting old if a naked woman's toes were the first thing I noticed.

Iasa said...

oh Barry, I hope they were at least sexy toes!

J9 said...

I've taken life drawing classes as well, and I found that the models are extremely comfortable in their own skin. Maybe someday I will be comfortable enough to pose for life drawing, but not likely.

Ed said...

LMAO!!!! How can you go from bees to nakedness? Unless the link is BOO-BEES... :-)