Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Friday #5

I missed last Friday and this week was full of photos of kids at school, so it's just as well! I bring you the late edition of Photo Friday:

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Tomorrow morning I'm going for a walk. This week has flown by at break neck speed. Went to Happy hour last night (Thursday) and got to hang with some dear friends who I only get to see about twice a year, and I miss not seeing them more often. Today was Valentine's party at the boys school, and that was a ZOO!!! If you can even imagine a class of 68 kids from Kindy to 3rd grade, all amped up with sugary treats (I don't care what Mrs. H's article says, those kids were FREAKING out). They all had fun and the moms got a bit of time to visit. Then the boy's best Friend was over after school which turned into a 2 family dinner, which was really cool. But all three boys were just running around like maniacs for HOURS! My boys crashed hard as soon as they laid still for more than five seconds, and I hope to god they sleep in because I had a margarita with my pizza, and I could really use the rest.

I had another interview today for an internal position, and it went pretty well. I liked the people who conducted the interview and it was fairly casual. We'll see how this one turns out. I can only take it as a good sign that someone is willing to interview me.

I'm looking forward to Mardi Gras next weekend, and some time away. I could use the break. Of course, I may end up drunk blogging, but you all seem much more entertained when I am far less coherent, so that's probably a good thing...

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Barry said...

Great photos.

I've never tried drunk blogging.

Usually if I've had too much to drink I start singing. That doesn't last long because I very soon get carried out and deposited on the sidewalk.

Then I just go to sleep. So I wouldn't have much to blog about.

Well, unless I had a good dream!