Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Award winning Author

OK, that may be stretching it a bit, but Coachdad, who is a regular follower here, and whom I also follow gave me an award, and in his words:
"It is an award that means to me that the holder has a blog that is timely, fresh, pleasing to the literary palate, and combines humor with honesty. Basically, the blog is such a good read that you have to keep coming back for more."
Now that's pretty cool, and I really appreciate it, but I'm sure there are more days than not when "on the ball" is a mere wish. Take last night for example, I was actually talking to a dear friend Diane, letting my kids watch cartoons and play Star Wars, while completely forgetting that I'd agreed to meet another dear Friend for coffee. By the time Donna called, it was near dinner time, and I invited her to join me and the kids for corn chowder. So it looks like I was totally on the ball from the outside, but I really wasn't. Despite all of that, we had a nice dinner together, I had the opportunity to listen to Diane live, which with her rapid fire Michigan speak is always a treat. In fact, at one point my phone died (as it does almost always), and it took her a few minutes to realize I wasn't actually there. The whole time she was talking without taking a breath, and I was saying to my Cell phone, "Come on woman, figure out I'm not there so I can call you back", while dialing her number and getting dumped directly to voice mail.

I wish this damned cold would go away. Today, my head is stuffy, and while the cough has subsided, when I do cough it is REALLY bad! Doubled over, feeling like your eyeballs are going to shoot across the room, and you'll be surprised if you don't shit yourself bad. To top it off, now the boys are coughing too, and sleeping in past their normal 6:45am, which is actually a bit of a blessing.
The oldest, and his best friend have decided to enter the Science Fair this year. They want to do something on Stuffed Animals, which they all call "Stuffies". I'm not sure how this exactly relates to science, so more investigation is needed on my part. Had a good lunch with sis yesterday and a nice visit. Need to go out and try to capture the moon, but it's still cloudy and raining...


Barry said...

Congratulations on your award. Obviously coachdad has very good taste!

Anonymous said...

Okay, are Diane and Donna who I think they are? *grin*

J9 said...

Donna is, Diane isn't.