Monday, February 16, 2009

Could it be true?

I received an e-mail this morning that stated my Friday morning interview went so well, they want to bring me onto their team. There is just the issue of the paperwork, which realistically could take about a month. In the meantime, I still search because we all know people who have been burned by this before.

Keep positive thoughts for me and my team as we try to continue our employment. If this does pan out, that means I'm back on strike duty, as well as having to actually look at the whole social networking regulations the company is sending out now.

I have gone through periods in my employment when I have had very satisfying and very dissatisfying jobs. Ultimately it isn't about the job, it's about the people. If you enjoy the people you work with, the job becomes secondary to the relationships you build.

At least I may not have to clean my desk at least for a little longer. My office actually does rival Al Gore's, just on a MUCH smaller scale.
This photo accompanied an article about keeping the creative mind type people happy. I wonder if any company is worried about that today. I'm thinking not so much. I'm also thinking I should probably make a point of actually going to the office this week. Maybe even tomorrow.


Ed said...

Too funny, my office is a laptop and a steering wheel to support it, and my camera bag always ready on the passenger seat. Good luck with the prospected job.. :-)

J9 said...

Thanks Ed - that gives me an idea for a Sunday Stills Challenge topic - "where you work". I think I'll photograph that this week and get ahead of the curve ;-)

CalSurf59 said...

OMG...To think you work like Al Gore. You now have my total respect. Oh had that before!

Barry said...

Great fun to read!

I have a desk at our downtown office that I seldom get to see (so it has no paper on it at all), a laptop that's in use all the time at home and an ipod touch that goes with me on the road.

My office is everywhere.


Pugs said...

My first boss told me 30 years ago: "make sure you like the people you work with because you usually spend more time with them than you do your own family. You'll be happier if you like your coworkers and therefore a better employee."

I sure wish more people felt that way.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Congrats...and I am keeping my fingers crossed :)

Nick James said...

Best of luck! Glad we 'met' I'll be stopping by for sure!

J9 said...

CalSurf59 - you've seen all of my offices, so you should know!
Barry - I seem to work more from home these days, and possibly even more in the future!
Pugs - Welcome back - I missed you!
Caffeinated Cowgirl - Thanks, I've got everything crossed at this point!
Nick - you completely blow me away, and I'll be co-opting some of your philosophy here as time goes on.