Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

A full weekend, with little time to write, without sacrificing time spent on other pursuits.

Corky had the day off and picked The Oldest up from school, bought him lunch and brought him to The Youngest's school where I was teaching art. We worked on negative space studies, and the kids did well. It can be a difficult concept for a high schooler, and the 5th years whom I worked with last year got it pretty well. The 4th's took a bit longer to grasp the concept, but did admirably. The ex returned from another vacation, and picked up The Boys after school. I was able to spend some time alone with Corky in celebration of 6 months together :-) It has been a good six months, with many adventures, and there is still more to discover about one another that I am looking forward to.

The Boys went to start homework only to discover that I'd left their backpacks and jackets at the Elementary school, in the office... There was much hand wringing and wailing (this was after the initial wailing over having homework on a weekend to begin with). I was able to get a hold of one of the school secretaries (a friend), and she brought it all over while running errands. We had lunch and a Nerf war with one of The Boys' friends, and my bff. Did some grocery shopping, and tested the aquarium water (which is fine) and so we restocked the fish - 5 flame tetras. Spent the evening working on the wedding book, and got a significant portion complete. When I couldn't look at the computer any longer, I completed The Oldest's knit glove. Went to repair the first glove (that the puppy chewed up), and discovered that the extent of the destruction is beyond my abilities to repair. Began the first of 10 balaclavas I have to knit for The Youngest's birthday in six weeks. Mucked it up and had to pull the first three rows and decided to just go to bed...

Got up and went to brunch with my sister, her oldest and her boyfriend. Food was yummy and The Boys were happy to see everyone. Came home, fought over homework, but got it completed. Restarted the balaclava, this time I did ok on the join. Went to see a 20 piece big band, and took the knitting, which was perfect. The yarn store is near where we were, so stopped in to get more yarn for The Oldest's glove redo, and a couple of baby hats for Corky's expected grand nephew. Corky was having a bad afternoon at work, so we surprise visited her for hugs all around, and The Boys got some treats. Came home and The Boys planned the birthday party while I knit and worked on the wedding book some more.

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