Monday, January 27, 2014

All the crap

Today was stressful. In a first world problems stressful kind of way. I had a bit more work work to do than normal - ok not too bad. The Youngest forgot his homework, so I took it to school & he called in the middle of a meeting with my boss to ask about a book he actually had. I decided to roast beets and make croutons, but clogged the sink with beet skins to the point of needing 3 bottles of drano and the disposal leaking every time I turned it on. Still waiting to see if it works. I didn't complete any of the projects I was working on, nor the laundry over the weekend. I have some debts needing to be paid, and The Youngest needs braces that I cannot currently afford. I may be moving, and that stresses me out.

I was in tears most of the afternoon, and Corky came over to give me a hug, which helped. Steve made me laugh, which also helped. I came to realize I cannot do everything all at the same time, and so I am putting aside the knitting for a while and working on the wedding book.

The things that are still on my mind, but for which nothing can currently be done: moving; finalization of divorce; getting any support.

The things I am going to care for, in order: unclog sink; complete wedding book; pay bills and balance bank account; register car; schedule vet appt for all pets; knit several favors for The Youngest's birthday and the expected grand nephew of Corky.

Also need to address the internal voices that really cripple my happiness - to talk to my therapist about this week.

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