Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

The final weekend of vacation, and it was spent nursing Corky back to health, cleaning, laundry and stuff that must be done.

Corky came home sick from work after 3 hours, and I went over to see if she was ok. She was not. She spent the day barfing, while I changed her barf bowl, escorted her to and from the bathroom, washed my hands a ton, and tried to figure out if she could keep water down (she couldn't). It wasn't until later that night when she wasn't barfing anymore and could nap for short periods of time that I went home to take care of things here.

Corky actually was able to eat a bit, but still achy all over, making me think she has the flu, not food poisoning or stomach flu. I took care of stuff at home in the morning and went over for the afternoon and evening. I totally butched it out, loading both the sofa and love seat in my car and hauling them to the dumps. I felt really strong and healthy having done so, but not stupid enough to skip taking ibuprofen afterward...

Took down the outside Christmas Lights and outside decorations in the morning, and finished laundry before heading to Corky's to make  sure she was ok. Hung out for a tiny bit, she needed a nap before heading to work. I ran some errands and spent the afternoon taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations and organizing the man cave / garage. Took off near sunset to photograph for Friday's upcoming theme. Came back after a slight hike and the beginning of a killer sinus headache. The Boys came home at dinner time, and it felt like forever since I'd seen them - It was 5 days, but still.

Also spent time this weekend editing, and getting hooked on a couple of tv shows.

I hope your week is wonderful. I'll be back at work, and The Boys will be back at school.

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