Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Love and hug those around you while you can.

So my dad is home (it took about a month of back and forth to the ER). He is feeling better, still tires easily though. I know he isn't in his 40's anymore (he's actually in his 70's), but it is only when illness strikes and the recovery time is longer each time that I can see how much older he is. Been thinking about my parents (and Aunts & Uncles) alot lately. They are the oldest living generation, and one would suppose, the next to go. I am hoping it won't be for a while yet, as I don't think I know enough about life or them or our family. Being with Corky has actually brought me closer to my family. Family is very important to her. Because it is where I came from, what shaped and informed my youth, I should have been much better about family contacts, but I haven't. Partly, I think it is because I have not been in my own self for quite a while, and I suspect they knew just by looking at me that was the case. Coming out to my parents was a good step in being able to be myself. Not that we ever have discussions about sex or sexuality (though if we had, my life would have been very different). I haven't spoken to my Aunts about Corky, but I also hardly ever see them. I am not in contact enough to not make a phone call unusual, and for the purpose of coming out? That would just make it weird. I suppose I could send a postcard or a note, again a bit weird. That reminds me - I need to post this year's Christmas photo in places.

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