Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A new thing - in the school zone

So I have been noticing things lately that I was initially not aware of. I am going to post these with the label "school zone", so you can skip these if you want. these are all related to things that happen around the schools I am at or near, in the school zone. I hadn't noticed these for so long because I walked to school with The Boys for many years, and even when I started driving a couple of years ago, I never was in the front of said school. Now though, I have been dropping off in front of the school more often, and I see so many hinky things, and I feel the need to write them down somewhere. If you want to also share your stories of horror, let me know, and I could open up a blog or fb page, or something...

Today in the school zone:
Drop off at elementary school - There is a white loading zone in front of the school where I occasionally drop off The Youngest. I saw a car waiting in the white zone with the blinker on, indicating a desire to pull into traffic., I stopped to allow that to happen, even though I was not planning on utilizing that space. The person waved a thanks as they made a three point turn, across a double yellow line, right near the cross walk with the crossing guard.

Still not as bad as a couple of weeks ago when I was parked in the white zone, waiting for The Youngest to get out of the car, when another car pulls into the red zone and halfway across the driveway, lets out the kid(s), and proceeds to execute a three point turn while traffic in both directions is stopped, all while talking on a cell phone.

Sometimes I need to vent.

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