Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Holiday Wrap Up

This was a nice weekend, and fairly relaxing after the prep, party and clean up for NYE.

Sex. Lots of sex. I missed it terribly after so long (not actually a long time, it just seemed so). Corky and I lazed about the house and cleaned and ate more cheese than we should have. Tried to get her iPhone set up, but were unable to get her pics and contacts transferred. The person at the retail store was of zero help & sent us to do it on our own. spent time in the evening trying to get the transfer complete and with customer support, who referred us to the retail store...

Out all day with Corky and her roommate. Started in a town we thought would have a cute downtown (it didn't), and ended up in another town we knew had tons of antique shops. Bought a set of fireplace tools and a wine rack (since we have the equivalent of 2 cases of wine left after NYE). All meals out all day long, but it was a ton of walking in the frigid temps and fun too. Went back to retail store, and they were mostly still unhelpful, but they did manage to get her contacts across, and then tried to sell us a $100 adapter with micro SD chip to transfer the photos to the computer. I found the adapter alone on line for under $4...

Slept in (for about 11 hours) and it felt glorious! Up and laundry, and groceries, and spending some time with Corky before The Boys came home. The Oldest bought an ipad mini with his saved $$$, and I'm not sure I am happy about that. I seriously do not think he needs another screen to be taken away because of his grades... He bought it while at his father's, so I had no say in it. We'll see how the week progresses with The Oldest's promises that work was actually turned in prior to break.

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