Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

I am tired. This was a really busy weekend, exhausting emotionally, and a bit physically as well.

I had coffee in the morning with bff. We hadn't really spoken in a month or two, and she's been dealing with some crap in her family. Corky doesn't like that I had a crush on her ages ago, nor how she took advantage of that to get me to do work around her house. I miss talking to her though, and getting her input on various things in my life, and with The Boys. The Boys had a half day, and they went to their old elementary school after they got out and had lunch. I picked up some firewood that will need to age for a year. When The Boys got home, they unloaded the wood (which was heavy for me to load). Instead of opening the gate to carry the wood to the backyard, they threw it over the fence... I guess the testosterone has kicked in... We had spaghetti for dinner and hung around arguing about homework. Corky spent the night, which was so very nice.

The Boys had homework. The Youngest had TONS of homework. A project that had been assigned before winter break is due on Friday, and NONE of that work had been done at his father's. He also had another project due Monday in the same class, spelling and vocabulary also due Monday. A science project due Friday (that I had him do a third of), plus his math portfolio writeup. The oldest had some work as well, but The Youngest was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work. He managed to finish all but the vocabulary before bed time. Corky left mid afternoon to dog and house sit for a friend. The Boys and I watched Monty Python's Flying Circus, during which I fell asleep, and headed to bed.

Up early and missing Corky. The Youngest finished his homework. More laundry and grocery shopping before heading to friends to test cook their new pizza oven. It was not as warm a day as I was hoping, but in front of the oven? Hot like the sun. It took some time to get the oven to temp, and once it was, we had eaten too many test pizzas... So we had salad and s'mores and went home. I'd been on my feet for hours on cement in converse low tops, and could only hobble to the car at that point. I'm getting too old for my dreams as a chef (HA!). Came home smelling like a camp fire, and The Boys showered and we watched the extras on Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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