Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

It is a holiday weekend in the United States. Of course, I do not have the day off of work, because I work for a company that does NOT observe this particular holiday. Another busy weekend for Corky and I, at the end of which, we decided to do nothing the next weekend we have alone (in two weeks).

Karaoke with about 30 women, a few men and a rousing good time with some seriously good singers. So much fun! Corky invited some of the people to pizza at the house on Saturday night. Not sure how many will remember...

Corky's Cobra in for repairs, done in time for a reasonable price, and I came to some decisions that are actually well thought out and rational, as opposed to rash and emotion based. I felt better about the future after making them, and I suppose that is a sign that they were the right decisions for me.

Slept in, got rid of the old bunk beds, and finally fit the cobra into the garage. Corky is happy about this, as she has been getting the garage ready for her baby since I moved. Corky had her first session of reposturing, and it has REALLY helped her, her lower back pain is improved, as is her shoulder pain & I have never seen her look so awake and restored. She will continue treatments until it is a more permanent resolution. For now, she is doing exercises to keep as close as possible to where she is today. Corky asked if we could meet a couple of my friends at breakfast tomorrow. I asked if she wanted to do so, as we'd invited people over for tonight. She stated it would be fine. So we messaged back and forth, and it was set up for 9:30 tomorrow, an hour away. Sent texts to the people invited for pizza to confirm. Only 1 responded that she remembered and would be here. We had pizza, and chips and guacamole and apple pie with great conversation. Another couple stopped by late, and we all laughed and talked until late!

The alarm was my enemy. A thick layer of tule fog made our travels a bit slower, but we did make it to a terrific breakfast in plenty of time. Visiting with people I haven't seen in YEARS was so nice! It's like I'd seen them last week. We agreed to not make the gap as long before another get together. Came home and made love until I actually sang opera. Now I have a sore throat and am sipping hot tea with honey. Looking forward to hearing about The Boys' weekend, and how much homework they actually completed. I'm sure there will be work to do tomorrow, even though I'd love for them to wash my car...

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