Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Just a warning that this may turn to a rant at any poin in the writing, and it is not to be taken personally by anyone real or imagined.

The kids and I walked through their grades and missing assignments. The Oldest pulled his grades out of the gutter (at this point in time) However, he is still needing to improve by quite alot. So we wrote out what was needed to be completed over the weekend, and I took all screens away, with their ability to earn an hour per day for screens. They whined and bitched and moaned and threw fits worthy of Verruca Salt. In the end, they got no screen time for all the whining. Instead, they played together, and we played Monopoly as a family. I made a tri tip in the crock pot, and we added mashed potatoes and gravy, and broccoli and cauliflower. The Boys called it a hit, and Corky enjoyed it too. I had a salad. When we went to bed I removed the UVerse box, the Xbox controllers, the remote controls, and changed the passwords on all devices.

Morning, and The Boys were pissed off because they were going to do what they always do, which is get up quietly and sneak onto screens of some sort. They said I was cold for doing what I did, and I explained that no screens, means exactly that. Corky made fantastic pancakes for breakfast. The Boys whined some more that there was nothing to do, and they were going to be bored, and then threw in my face that at their dad's house, they get half a day Saturday on screen, and then are chased outside for the other half of the day. I countered that I was not going to spend my Sunday fighting over homework. It was all to be done Saturday. You know what? It was done. All of the homework. Plus, rooms cleaned, bathroom cleaned, and two tie blankets for charity done. We joined a new Meetup for committed gay couples (and their families) at a good restaurant and enjoyed the meal and meeting new people. Corky was uncomfortable in the crowd, and was quiet. The Boys were relatively well behaved, and I enjoyed myself.

Grape Nuts and bananas for breakfast was exactly what I needed. I got The Boys outside, mowing the front and side yards, and clearing out the piles of debris in the back. We still can't start the lawnmower, so they are push mowing. We cleaned out the garage, hauling a bunch of stuff to the thrift store. We assembled the bunk beds and took pics for a Craig's List ad. My Nephew came over to finish his video to send to soccer scouts and college coaches. Corky was out of sorts most of the day, and we broke down before she went home for the night. We are okay, and all still learning to live together, and there are bumps along the way.

Also this weekend, I was finally able to finish photoshopping our NOH8 photos:

I hope you all have a fantastic week.

If you are wondering if I am living under a rock for not mentioning the insane terror attacks in various parts of the world (France, Syria, Colorado, Nigeria), or the death of Leelah Alcorn (or many, so many other LGBT youth), or all of the other horrors and atrocities of our world; I am not. What I am choosing is to reflect on my own life, and my individual impact on this world as a whole. I am trying to protect myself, and my empathetic heart from breaking at all of the loss. I can only live in the moment of sadness and loss for just that, the moment. I cannot allow the fear, sadness to build in my heart. There is already more love in my heart that I send to each of you.

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