Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blog as journal

Today felt rather productive, which is a change from how things have been lately. The Boys had Presidents Day off and mostly lazed about the house while I worked. I did get The Oldest to mow the front lawn while the youngest took his lacrosse stick out for a spin.

I finished the crab feed program and sent it to the printer, proofed the one off, and asked for just a tiny change. It looks fabulous and I am glad that is behind me!

Took The Boys for haircuts. The Oldest because his last cut was a disaster and needed to be fixed, and The Youngest because he'd become a hair farmer, his last cut having been in June of last year - a buzz cut for swim season. They look much better now, and I lament the fact that The Youngest now looks like a teenager (even though he isn't yet 12).

While The Boys were in the barber shop, Corky and I went back to the mattress shop to buy our new bed. It is a big step, buying an expensive piece of furniture together, and for me it means I am investing in a future that she will be a part of. I am looking forward to having a nice and comfortable place to sleep.

I also did Corky's taxes for her on line, and sent them off. I will be meeting with my CPA later this month as well, but while Corky gets a nice little refund, I expect to pay in the thousands. Bah.

The rest of this week will be meetings, and preparations for the crab feed, and the arrival of the new bed.

This evening ended up being rather mellow with The Boys finishing homework and my having a bit of free time to write. Nice.

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