Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Another whirlwind of a weekend!

After working, attending meetings, making bread pudding and working on the crab feed program, Corky and I finally departed for our weekend away. I was so stressed out by the time we left that I wasn't entirely sure I'd actually be able to relax. Add to that stress, a 5.5 hour drive that usually takes 3 hours, and I was ready to eat off my own arm, and sleep for 2 days. We dropped our luggage, and I found that Corky had roses delivered to the room as a surprise for me. She is so wonderful and the flowers are amazing. We walked to town, said hi to some friends and enjoyed a late night dinner that included way too much cheese. What followed was so much intestinal distress and stench that we laughed our heads off, while crying and holding our bellies before we fell asleep.

Corky had another surprise up her sleeve of See's candy and a beautiful Valentine's Day card. I love waking up with her next to me. The weather was amazing, and breakfast was delicious. We wandered the town, working off our huge breakfasts, and working our calf muscles. The one thing I take away from our annual trips to the mountain town is that my aerobic capacity is sadly behind my friends who live there, who are decades older than me. Corky and I found complementary hats that are really cute and subtle in their matching aspects. Hers is a driving cap, and mine is a baseball cap. I think hers is particularly fetching. It makes her look amazing, and drives me a little crazy with desire :-) We rested for a bit before returning to the house to decorate for the big Mardi Gras party. The party was fun, but I didn't particularly get the chance to visit with people, and I felt like I was repeating some of the same laments I always have. I did have news that The Oldest won an award for outstanding musician at a jazz festival he attended, so that was awesome! I am very proud of him. Corky and I cut out of the party rather early, with every intention of celebrating Valentine's in an intimate way. Of course, my period had other ideas, and so that is on hold until further notice. We did laugh and giggle until I was hyperventilating, my cheeks hurt and I almost barfed from laughter. We fell asleep easily.

Woke up and just cuddled for a while before checking out and having breakfast. We left before the parade, and the drive was far more manageable, but only because it is day 2 of a three day weekend and the traffic won't be bad until Monday night. We stopped for a late lunch and to walk even more around the outlet stores. I didn't find anything, but Corky found new sneakers. I did discover that there are specific brands that bother my injury from the summer, and I now have to find shoes that are better for my foot. I may end up in elderly orthopedics, but my feet will feel good, damn it! After lunch, we were feeling much more well rested and adventurous and decided to go mattress shopping, as this is THE weekend where every damned place is having a sale. Found a great deal on a clearance set, and will return on Monday to finalize the sale. The Sales person was really respectful and nice, and gave us a great deal. We couldn't beat the price at a department store, even with the sale, and an employee discount.

This will be a better and less stressful week, I can feel it!

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