Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This was an insane weekend:

Yes it started on Thursday because that is the day I was moving furniture. Corky's Dad went into ICU with various health issues with his lungs. As an elderly person, these things happen, but they are still difficult to handle when it is your own parent. In anticipation for a new bed delivery on Friday, I had to move my bed to The Oldest's room. We moved his futon to the garage on Tuesday afternoon and he "cleaned" his room and slept on the floor. I finished actually cleaning his room, took apart my bed and moved it to his room. I also moved a couple of heavy pieces of furniture in his room to make the bed fit. I put everything back together in his room to be able to sleep.

Got up early and began cleaning my room and vacuuming and moving furniture. I had to empty the two pieces of furniture to move them, and then put them back together. Dropped The Youngest and a friend at school, picked up programs for Saturday's Crab Feed, and tried to also pick up extra raffle tickets for the same event, but every place that sells raffle tickets wasn't yet open. Waited at home for the new bed delivery, and they arrived about 10 minutes after the window for delivery started. They were finished in about 30 minutes, and I had only had about an hour before work meetings, not enough time to buy bedding and raffle tickets. Had a couple of meetings for work lasting about 3 hours, and tried to go out for bedding again, only to be derailed by needing to meet one of the treasurers at the bank to get the final checks and cash for the crab feed. By the time that was finished, the crab feed chair person wanted to meet to transfer the cash and checks in about 45 minutes. Still not enough time to get bedding, and there was no way I was leaving that kind of cash in my car while I shopped. So I went back home and worked for a while. Went to the school to meet the chair person, who was running late. By the time that was over, I had about 30 minutes before school got out. Ran and quickly got the raffle tickets, came back and picked up The Oldest and took him to gather the bedding. Luckily, I was able to find satisfactory bedding at the first stop, and was in and out in 20 minutes. The Oldest wanted to get his iPad from his father's, so off to that town, had to gas up my car, and got back to pick up The Youngest about 10 minutes after he got out. As I was pulling up, got a text from bf saying she was in The Oldest's science classroom, and the teacher told her that The Oldest was doing badly in class. WHY the teacher thought that appropriate to share with anyone OTHER than me or the ex, I have no idea. So, I sent in The Oldest to talk to her. Turns out his lab plan was crap - which I already knew and had fought him about on Monday. Didn't get home until 5:00, only to find out that bf and her son were on their way to my house so her son and The Oldest could finish their science project. No thought on ANYONE's part about when it would be more convenient for me, no. My desires and needs once again thrown by the wayside and they were here until 7:15. There were hints that they wanted to have dinner here, but I did not bite because I was pissed off. I really did not want them at the house at that time, and the longer it went on, the angrier I was getting. I did manage to feed The Boys and sit with them for dinner, put the bedding in the wash and get it turned around and on the bed before Corky got back from the hospital at 8:00. I was physically and mentally exhausted, and after getting The Boys to bed and talking to Corky about her pop, I just wanted to sleep in my new bed.

Corky let me sleep in until about 8:30, by which time The Boys were up. Corky wanted them to do homework before any other activity, so I was up and writing homework on their white boards, and arguing about missing assignments and homework and grades. All I wanted was some alone time with Corky, a quiet and relaxing morning, and instead I got arguments with The Boys and more stress about schoolwork and tutors and grades. Looking at my level of stress and the feeling like I just can't catch a break on anything. I get resistance to homework from both The Boys and the ex, I have tutors working with The Boys, and there is little to no improvement, and every time I try to have intimate time with Corky, there is some obstacle to that. Left the house to work the crab feed for the next 10 hours. I helped set up, greet people, serve food and check out auction winners. It was a LONG day, but the crab feed itself was a HUGE success and fun. All of the volunteers who were there were super flexible and dedicated to making the event run smoothly. The chairperson for the event did a fantastic job. The High School PFSO tried recruiting me, but I held fast that I still have 2 years after this one on the middle school PFC. While I was gone, Corky hung out with The Boys, the ex picked up The Youngest for an indoor soccer game, and didn't return him until 11:30pm. Got home after midnight, went to bed, but was too wound up to sleep, and tossed and turned all night. Also was really emotional and weepy for a while before falling asleep.

Was up by 7, and logged into work by 8 because it is a major software release weekend, and I am supposed to help the person monitoring the release. Only I was not told until Friday that expectation, and there was no way I could be on the chat room by 4:30am my time... Spent all day and night monitoring the chat room and just seeing what was going on. The Youngest slept in and then went to a friend's to run Lacrosse drills. The Oldest fought with me over homework and practiced music. Corky went to visit her dad. I was still fairly weepy from lack of rest. Corky made all of my meals and I am grateful for her and her ability to know exactly what I need and when. The Boys watched Grease after dinner and showers and I watched the chat room some more while dealing with an eye twitch I'd had all day. I'm tired, and my throat is scratchy. Tonight I look forward to sleeping a full night, which is possible for the release finished at 8:45. Looks like she wants me to send some communications and track some issues to resolution tomorrow, but I have no clue who to send what info to, and I am not on distribution for most of the things she is getting and then sending to leadership. Monday will be another long day. Of course as a salaried person, I do not get overtime for working 12+ hours today, though my boss may give me some comp time. We'll see.

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