Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This was supposed to be a lay low and relaxing kind of weekend, and it only kind of was. Corky was sick, starting Wednesday night, and the cold carried into the weekend. I didn't think we were going to see each other at all, but we did, and that helped me to be less stressed out. I hate being home alone, without Corky and The Boys at night.

After school, I picked up The Boys, took them to their old elementary school to drop off some clay for the kiln. The Youngest had presented his Egypt project in the morning, and it involved people creating cartouches in clay. Dropped The Boys at their father's and came home to turn around and go play bingo with some friends. I had no idea how late bingo ran. I didn't win, not anything, but it was mostly fun. I was on the end of the row, and missed out on too much conversation. After bingo, a few of us went to a really late dinner with lots of post party drunks. It ended up with me mediating another couple's communication issues and fighting. I like both members of the couple, but the way they relate to each other is horrible, and they are not good together. They fight, and not fairly at all. And one of them wants a kid, while the other does not. They try to get the other one to change, and both resent the other for that. Didn't get home until 2am.

I slept in and then felt food hungover for a few hours until I went back to bed for another 3 hours. Corky came over after work and we ran a couple of errands, and then we just hung out at home and watched a movie, going to bed at a decent hour.

Got up and waked for a couple of hours, and finally felt like my body was back on track. cleaned a bit in the garage, did laundry, ran errands and hung out for a few hours at home waiting for The Boys return, which was supposed to be by 8pm. At 8:25 I sent a text to them, their father and his gf to ask if they were on the way. They replied a few minutes later that they were just leaving the Superbowl party (at least a 30 minute drive). This is a constant bone I have to pick with their father, because I was nearly certain all of The Boys' homework was not completed, and they had not taken showers. I checked the homework and it had been finished, which pleasantly surprised me. After showers, that put them in bed well after 10pm, because the ex wouldn't leave and felt like visiting... Or, I could make them get up early after staying up late all weekend. So now I have the pleasure of handling grumpy pubescent boys. Lucky me.

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