Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weird Dreams

I feel like I hardly slept at all. I had dreams all night about being a last minute understudy (without knowing the script or blocking nor having rehearsed). For Elphaba in a version of Wicked that was also The Wizard of Oz, where I was also Dorothy? The dream was me having agreed to do it (why?) and trying to sleep the night before the performance. I kept dream waking up in a sheer panic because I had no idea what I was doing, and I kept dreaming (while in my dream) that I was going to flop, was freaking out, forgot the words to the songs while on stage, you name it. I was convinced that once I woke up, I was going to call and cancel the performance, because my playing the lead was beyond ridiculous. I was dreading my alarm, and in real not dream life, I hit snooze a few times before pulling myself fully out of the dream and realizing that I was dreaming about dreaming. Weird.

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