Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was REALLY hot, and really cold and pretty mellow activity-wise as a result. Following the first week of school for The Boys, I was wiped out! They were fine. They are having a complete blast at school, and The Oldest's math teacher complemented him on how focused he was during class. This is a milestone for him, and another example of just how much he has matured! He asked me Saturday if I could start him on an allowance, and I think he's old enough to handle it this time. Last time we tried was a couple of years ago and it didn't go very well. The Boys have household chores already, which I usually have to remind them to do. The Youngest usually whines about doing them, while The Oldest has started to just say "ok", and do them. So the plan is to pay him for every chore he does without having to be asked. He is ready to add a couple as well, so we will discuss what those should be, and what my not asking is worth. We'll see if it rubs off on the Youngest, who so far seems to be more monitarily motivated.

Friday, one of The Boys friends came over for a dry run at Happy Hour Play Dates. His mom and I talked about restarting those, as well as other things on the plate for the school year. MDH had a soccer game, which turned into 2 games that night, so it was fairly quite around here, The Boys getting caught up on TV they missed over the week.

Saturday, I spent the morning doing laundry, and the neighbor kid came over to play. I made all three lunch, and while they were eating, one of his sisters came over to get him for breakfast. He was worried that he would get in trouble for eating at my house, and not going home for breakfast, so I sent him home with his corn dog and juice bag. I'm guessing he might indeed have gotten in trouble, because we didn't see him the rest of the weekend. The Youngest's first soccer game was in the afternoon, and it was 101 out from about 11 to about 6, so we went through alot of water, and sat in the scorching heat. The Oldest whined about being hot. I think we'll be bringing the easy up from now on.

Sunday was a bit cooler, but without any guarantee of such, I went out early to pick apples before they all go to rot. I'm borrowing a peeler/corer from a friend and going to freeze them for later use, as the dehydrator never did fall out of the sky (ha!) There are about 70 pounds of apples to peel, core and freeze, and one of the teachers at school recommended that I mix with sugar, cinamon, nutmeg and flour, and freeze in a ziploc, in a pie pan. That way I can just whip one out of the freezer, unzip it still frozen, dump it into a pan, and cook. I think that is a brilliant idea! Another friend asked me to save some for cooking class, no problem on that! Sunday evening was so cold, I almost turned on the heater!

This morning, I told MDH about my plan to make frozen pie filling disks, and he remarked that was great because I've only NEVER actually made a pie in the 18 years we have been married. Completely true. But I think with the up front work done, and only having to drop the disk into a crust, I might actually bake several pies this year. So there! Now, to find a low cal recipe for Apple Pie - anyone have a good one?


Sara Williams said...

I have apples to sort out too but I may make apple crumbles because its easier to make than pies! One year I made apple and blackberry jam which was nice too x

~JarieLyn~ said...

Okay, 70 lbs. of apples is insane. You have a lot of work ahead of you. I've never made an apple pie in my life, but the idea of freezing them in a pie pan already to go sounds great.

I love to bake though.

You could also freeze some of the apples and use them to make smoothies. I usually throw in a few sliced apples when I make blueberry or strawberry smoothies. It adds lots of fiber.

As for low cal recipe, unless someone comments with a good recipe, you'd probably be better off doing an on-line search.

Good luck